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Everything you need to know to prepare your trip to Iceland

Follow the different steps and let us guide you!

Iceland is probably the most spectacular island in the world! Shaped by volcanoes and sculpted by glaciers, the most beautiful landscapes in the world await you in Iceland! This island of striking contrasts bewitches all those who set foot on it. Immense glaciers, imposing volcanoes, impressive waterfalls and majestic fjords follow one another in completely surreal landscapes, without forgetting the spectacle of the northern lights during the dark nights and the hot baths which will await you after your crazy days!

We had the chance to spend more than 100 days there during 3 different trips: a first time to only touch it during 3 weeks at the wheel of a big 4WD, a second time in winter to rediscover it under the snow. The third time we went back with our family with our vehicle, a 4WD pickup truck specially prepared for the off-road, and equipped with a comfortable camper to criss-cross the country for 3 months. This adventure was one of the craziest we have ever done!

But now let's talk about you, about your travel project in Iceland. We will guide you through the different stages of preparation to help you design and prepare the trip of your dreams.


I learn about the destination

Let's start with a selection of articles to learn more about Iceland: driving in winter, various information ...

Learn about winter traffic conditions and how to handle them.
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Do you know these 7 untruths about Iceland?
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I plan the period, duration and budget of my trip

Now let's look at how to outline your trip and estimate your budget.

Everything you need to know in order to estimate the budget of your trip in Iceland.
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I define my route

Now let's go deeper into the planning of your trip. Here are different itinerary ideas to help you determine your itinerary to fit your desires and not miss anything.

Find all our advice to prepare and plan your trip to Iceland.
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Here is our itinerary idea for a 2 weeks stay in Iceland in a mixed circuit (roads and 4x4 tracks in the center of the island).
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I prepare my program

Your trip to Iceland is taking shape! All that's left to do is to plan your days. For that, we provide you with more than 10 guidebooks and nearly 30 points of interest/hiking articles which list everything you can see in Iceland.

East Iceland
North Iceland
South Iceland
West Iceland

I leave and use the interactive map to find my way

Don't leave without locating on the map all the points of interest that might interest you! This map will also allow you to identify the places around you. You can use the filters to refine your selection.



You are now in the bonus section. Here we tell you about our experience feedbacks or unusual things...

Our feedback after a big scare while crossing a ford on the F261.
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