Zion National Park

Written by Sandrine Published on 05/09/2016
25 $ par voiture

Zion is a national park located in western Utah. Covering an area of 593 km², it is criss-crossed by many deep and colourful canyons that were carved by the Virgin River millions of years ago. Its highest point, Horse Ranch Mountain, overlooks the park at an altitude of 2659 metres.

Zion is full of incredible landscapes. You will discover wide canyons, cliffs with peaks, impressive colors, ridges, forests, rivers, streams, narrow gorges.... This park is a small jewel of nature. It is even one of our favorites in the United States.

Its ideal geographical location between Las Vegas at 2:40 am and Bryce Canyon at 1:40 am, often places it in a stopover on tourist circuits, but few people really spend time there. Why? Why? Because unlike most American canyons, Zion is discovered from below. The arrival in the park is not as spectacular as for the great sites of the west and many visitors leave without even seeing the splendour of Zion's landscapes. What a shame. Because yes, to discover Zion, you have to walk.

So Zion is famous for his incredible hikes, and I weigh my words! Among them, the Angel's Landing trail, one of the most popular trails in the USA. Although this hike is dangerous on the last part, it attracts thousands of visitors each year both for its fantastic viewpoint and for the challenge of climbing the narrow ridge at the end of the route. Zion is also a walk in the famous Narrows, a fantastic water hike that takes us to the heart of a narrow canyon. Zion offers many other trails, from a few hours to the day that will take you discover fabulous landscapes. Don't forget to take the Mount Carmel Highway, a road that winds its way up and down a wide canyon with beautiful views. Don't miss the Canyon Overlook trail, a very pleasant stroll leading to a spectacular view of the southern part of Zion Canyon.

To fully enjoy the park and discover the most remarkable sites, we recommend that you spend at least 2 days in the park, so that you have enough time to do one or two hikes and leave one day for the Narrows (be careful of the weather - a neoprene suit will be necessary between November and May).

Some practical information:

  • Admission fees: Access costs $25 per vehicle (5 person basis) and is valid for 7 days throughout the park. Access to the park is included in the "America the beautiful" pass.

  • If you come in high season (April to October), please note that no private vehicles are allowed to travel in the Zion Canyon area. To get there, you have to use the shuttles. They are free and rotate very regularly from the Visitor Center. The other parts of the park are accessible by car all year round.

  • Parking: The car park near the Visitor Center of Zion Canyon (shuttle departures) is often full at the end of the morning, see much earlier during peak periods. If this is the case, you will have to park in Springdale (find the " Shuttle Parking"). From these car parks, a shuttle bus will take you to the Visitor Center of Zion Canyon.

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