Yellowstone National Park

Written by Sandrine Published on 18/08/2016

If there is one place on Earth that will never cease to impress us, it is Yellowstone National Park. It is both frightening and mind-blowing, and is probably one of the most interesting places on the planet. With a surface as big as Corsica, this park gathers a number of impressive points of interest! There's something for everyone and if you're in love with nature, run for it, because believe me, you'll come back to it!

Here the ground smokes everywhere, it spits out, it burst out, it creaks. You can hear the heart of the Earth beating and the ground shaking beneath our feet. The geysers succeed one another at an infernal rhythm in an almost cataclysmic atmosphere. And what colors! From deep blue to yellow, emerald green, bright orange or clear blue. The hot springs will never cease to surprise us with their chromatic colors so intense that it will be impossible to forget them.

Discovering Yellowstone also means walking through a succession of incredible landscapes. Lakes, rivers, waterfalls, forests, dried-out canyons, immense plains and snow-capped peaks compete for the place, all bathed in a mysterious atmosphere.

Yellowstone is also a privileged place for wildlife viewing. Take several days to visit the park because you will be constantly stopped to contemplate nature in the wild. You will certainly come across the road of a bear, you will see dozens of deer, deer and moose. If you look at the park, you could see an eagle or beavers and perhaps even wolves, not to mention thousands of free bison in the park.

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