Walking on Cap Trinité: The Statue Trail

Written by Sandrine Published on 08/08/2016
7 km Round trip
8.50$ CAD

This beautiful hike offers magnificent views of Trinity Bay, Cape Trinité and the Saguenay Fjord. If you only have to choose one to make at the edge of the fjord, choose this one!

Departure of the hike: en route to Cape Trinité

The hike begins from the "Le Fjord du Saguenay" discovery centre located at Trinity Bay, where several large car parks are located. Before starting, you will have to pay a park admission fee of $8.50 CAD (tariff 2016). Admission is expected to be free in 2017. The admission is valid for one day and is valid for all sites located in Saguenay Park.

The trail begins along the fjord for about 700m until it reaches a wharf. Then the path climbs, revealing beautiful views of the bay, especially when the sea retreats to reveal a sandy estuary. How beautiful!!

The Bellevue stopover: a superb panorama of the Saguenay Fjord and Trinity Bay

The luxuriant vegetation makes the stroll very pleasant and the path is very well laid out with steps, footbridges and wood lookouts. After about 900m, you arrive at the Bellevue stopover which offers a magnificent view of the bay. Once again, let's get the cameras out! Panels tell the story of the fjord formation and if you come in season, a park ranger will be there to give you lots of interesting information.

From this point the hike becomes easier because it climbs less strongly. The trail continues for 1.1 km until you reach a refuge with sanitary facilities. From the refuge the path goes down for 800m to reach the height of the statue situated below.

At the end of Cape Trinité: the statue of Notre-Dame-du-Saguenay and the superb view of the fjord

Finally we reach the end of Cape Trinidad! The statue of Notre-Dame-du-Saguenay has been overhanging it since 1881 and with its height of 9 metres, it seems to contemplate the fjord. But the great interest of this hike is still another beautiful point of view on the fjord. At the very tip of the cape, this time we have a 180° panorama of the dark blue waters. From here, it is easy to guess the separation of the salty and soft waters that mix in the fjord.

The return will be on the same path. Don't hesitate to take a look at the Sepaq brochure, which is very well done on the park. Note that this hike is rather popular during the high season. In September, when we went there, it was calm and very enjoyable.

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