The Rauðisandur orange sand beach

Written by Sandrine Published on 04/08/2016

Here is one of the favorites of our trip to Iceland! Nestled south of the western fjords, Rauðisandur (or sometimes Rauðasandur) is a huge beach of orange sand. We had seen some very nice pictures before the start, but discovering it with your eyes under a big blue sky was incredible!

Getting to Rauðisandur

The wonder begins at the start of Route 614. Don't miss the intersection on route 612, which serves the famous cliffs of Látrabjarg. We saw a lot of people passing by the crossing without paying any attention to it, nor suspecting that it leads to a fabulous site. The road is not the most pleasant because it is strewn with potholes, but quite practicable with a small car (we were in Clio). After a few kilometres, you get altitude and end up on a sort of plateau. The landscapes are very beautiful and make us forget the road. This decor alone is already worth the detour!

Then the road continues towards the sea, which you can see at the last moment. We can't hold back from making a "Wow!" when you get into the shoelaces that go down to the beach. Stop, photo break! From here, the panorama is amazing! The bay is immense, framed by the mountains that plunge steeply into the ocean. The sea shines with a deep blue colorful sand that stretches for kilometres. Herbs of a soft green color border the beach to bring a touch of nature. The contrasts are sublime! The ideal is to discover this place with good weather, because the effects are much more beautiful.

Discovery of the immense sandy beach of Rauðisandur

The road winds its way down and reaches sea level. It then offers the possibility of discovering the eastern and western parts of the beach, which is still 10km long! It is therefore possible to observe and walk along the beach on both sides of the bay.

We chose to explore the western part. The road goes along the beach, moving a little further away from it. A café with a pleasant terrace was built on the side of the road and just after, a fairly narrow track towards the ocean on the left. Be careful because it is not indicated. Before you do this, make sure that there is no vehicle in the opposite direction because it is not possible to pass each other. At the end of this 300m track, a car park has been roughly laid out in the grass. From there, we must continue on foot. A small path has been laid out in the tall grass and leads to the beach, about 1km further along the beach (count 15 minutes walk).

Walk on the orange sand

At the end of the path, we finally discover the beach covered with very fine and orangey sand. At the edge of the grass, the sand is rather damp, as this area can be covered by high tide. The sand carved by the water draws a very pretty carpet contrasted with black sand in places.

Continuing towards the sea, which still seems very far away, we arrive at a dry sand zone that is never submerged. It is from here that the real beach where the waves run aground is located.

What makes the charm of this site, in addition to the surprising fact of finding such a place at such a high latitude, is also the beauty of the bay, framed by these sublime vertiginous walls lined with grey and green. One can only remain in admiration in front of such a place!

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