The Dynjandi Waterfall: The Queen of the Westfjords

Written by Sandrine Published on 05/01/2017

Lovée in the heart of the fjords de l' Ouest (Westfjords), a waterfall surprises, amazes and fascinates. From the top of a rocky outcrop of almost 100 metres high, a wide white veil bursting with crashes of a rock wall. At the end of his run, he stopped for a while before bouncing back 6 times before finishing in the blue waters of the Arnarfjörður fjord.

A fall in 7 steps!

Dynjandi also called Fjallfoss is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Iceland. Less famous than its sisters to the south because of its geographical remoteness, Dynjandi still has its place in our top 5 of the most beautiful waterfalls of the island. What makes its particularity is that the cascade is in fact a succession of 7 falls, each with a different name.

The largest and most majestic is Dynjandi which gave its name to the whole site.

The discovery of Dynjandi

Access to the waterfalls is from Route 60, a reddish gravel road with superb views of the surrounding area and Arnarfjörður fjord. The road descends to the shores of the fjord where parking is available. The site is very well marked. Sanitary facilities and picnic tables have been set up and the place seems to be convenient for sleeping in a tent.

Walk among the waterfalls

From the car park, a path leads to the first waterfalls with a short walk. In front of each one, a small wooden panel indicates the name of the chute. Several footbridges have also been fitted out to better admire the show. Benches also allow you to walk at your own pace.

The trail continues to climb. It takes us to discover new falls upstream. The more we go up and the more charming the waterfalls are. At this altitude the view now allows to embrace all the blue waters of the fjord. The landscape is remarkable, postcard-like.

The impressive Dynjandi

In front of us the great waterfall of Dynjandi is getting closer and seems more and more impressive as the ascent goes on. A few more meters and we arrive at the foot of the beautiful waterfall. It is at this moment that we take the full measure of the magnitude of the waterfall that seemed so small from the car park.

In front of us stands an impressive water wall 100 metres high and 60 metres wide at the base (30 metres at the top). We are so small in front of her! The water discharges with phenomenal force and charges the sky with spray.

We can walk close to the water until we can almost touch it, which makes the experience even more incredible. A short path allows you to climb a little further up to get closer to the water wall. Here, the noise is deafening!

Be careful because the rocks are slippery and splashed with water.

To get back to the car park, you will have to turn back and go down to the edge of the fjord.

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Flo's review

If you feel like flying over all the waterfalls in a drone, beware of distances! Dynjandi is far from the parking lot and once you have reached the main waterfall, it will be difficult to distinguish your multicoptery. The price of these gears makes it a shame to lose control of your precious nature in this "hostile"nature.

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