Hverfjall's Black Crater

Written by Flo Published on 03/09/2016

On the outskirts of Mývatn Lake there is an impressive crater 250 metres high and 5 km in circumference. His short name is Hverfjall. Under its appearance as a young volcano, its last and only eruption dates back to 2500 years ago, which is not much on a geological scale.

Hverfjall crater

Why does he look young when you're going to ask me? Quite simply because, unlike many of its congeners, the vegetation is totally absent on its slopes and crater. When you arrive on the outskirts of Lake Mývatn, you will certainly have noticed that most volcanoes are covered with minimal foam, which is not the case here.

Hverfjall craterHverfjall crater

The access is via a path that starts from Route 848,3.4 km south of the junction with Route 1 at Reykjahlíð. The road is covered with gravel and can be driven by all types of vehicles.

It takes about fifteen minutes from the car park to reach the edge of the crater via a rather steep path in the dust and small basalt pebbles, but which climbs quietly without difficulty.

From there you can admire the panoramic view of the Mývatn lake and its surroundings. From my point of view, this is the main interest of this ascent, the volcano itself being rather "sad", even if the reliefs are interesting. So, prefer a sunny day to climb it. You can also walk around the crater on a 5 km trail that follows the contours of the crater.

Sandrine's review

The crater must probably have much more charm when all the snow has not melted yet, giving more contrast to the impressive crater.

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