Roussillon: the village with colourful houses

Written by Sandrine Published on 07/05/2016

Roussillon is a very pretty little village perched on a hill of Luberon. When you arrive, you will notice the beautiful orange-coloured houses that clump together on the mound. Some maritime pines are found at the bottom of the town, which makes the stroll pleasant.

Arrival in the village of Roussillon

We landed in this small village one Friday in May. Here, it is not possible to park free of charge even outside the village unless you move far away from it. As a result, we were forced to pay for the parking lot reluctantly. You will have to park in one of the paid car parks in the village, which cost between 2€ and 3€ per day.

Walking in the alleyways of Roussillon

The village is very beautiful, the yellow and ochre colours tint the houses and you can enjoy discovering the narrow streets. We enjoyed a walk in this small village with colourful houses. At every corner of the street, we discover new colours. At the bend of a crossing, a narrow staircase leads us to another alleyway. The colours are warm and we appreciate the visit. The village also offers beautiful views of the surrounding area. Right next door, the ochre trail of Roussillon allows you to admire the ochre chimneys of an old quarry.

Nevertheless, the crowds are a bit of a waste. Here everything is crowded and a flood of cars is constantly crossing the tiny village, it's a shame. So we have to share the road in some places with vehicles that allow us to take full advantage of the exhaust fumes, not to mention the narrow passages where we have to stick up against the walls to let the traffic through. In short, a very beautiful village, but to visit at an hour or at a low season to avoid the crowds.

We also found that the prices in the village were quite prohibitive. We tried to buy a sandwich at the local supermarket, and we turned around and looked at the prices. To know that it will be necessary to drive more than 20 km to reach the first supermarket!

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