Pollurinn Hot Springs

Written by Sandrine Published on 03/08/2016

Here is an ideal address to relax in a sublime setting! Pollurinn is a hot spring which has been developed with 3 basins on the edge of the Tálknafjörður fjord in the western fjords. The place is not too busy because it is kept away from the village and so it allows to relax in a quiet and especially with a magnificent view on the fjord. Too bad, because the only photo we took doesn't highlight the site enough.

Pollurinn: Hot pools facing the fjord

The basins are masonry and painted in light blue. They measure about 2 by 3 metres. The water is not deep, between 50 and 70cm, but in the 2 shallowest basins, a slope has been built to be able to extend there as on a deckchair. So we are completely immersed and lying on the edge of the fjord! This is one of the hot springs we preferred, even though the ponds don't look very pretty at first.

The hot water comes from a borehole and exits at approximately 40-42 degrees per pipe just above the basins. This pipe feeds all the basins via a system of gutters. This same water is also used to supply the swimming pool near Tálknafjörður. A cold water hose cools the pool from the top, so that it can be put at the ideal temperature, which we have done. What a pleasure to relax in a water perfectly adjusted in front of such a beautiful landscape!

Free bathing and changing rooms included!

Changing rooms and a shower have been fitted out and are well maintained. There's a men's locker room and one for women. The shower is supplied by the water coming out of the borehole, so it is very hot, and there is no possibility of adding cold water.

Access to the site is available all year round at any time and is free of charge.

When we went there, it wasn't very late, around 6:00 p. m., and we were the only ones. The sunset on the fjord is just sublime, it was a treat to enjoy it from this place. Around 7pm, when we left, a family of Icelanders and a family of French arrived. All the baths were full by then. It is therefore recommended that you avoid the end of the evening if you want to enjoy the place in peace and quiet.

Access to Pollurinn

To find the swimming pools, go to the small village of Tálknafjörður. Cross the town and continue on gravel road 617 for about 3.5 km. A sign will tell you to turn right on a small 250m track which will take you to a small car park at the foot of the pools located in height.

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