Mount Eboshi (Izu): a breathtaking view of Mount Fuji

Written by Sandrine Published on 10/08/2016

A breathtaking 360° view! If you are on a walk on the Izu peninsula south of Mount Fuji, stop to climb Mount Eboshi. The view is absolutely spectacular, especially in clear weather.

To the west of the small village of Kumomi is a rocky peak called Mount Eboshi (not to be confused with the great Mount Eboshi on Hokaido). In the big bend of road 136, a small car park serves a Shinto sanctuary. This is where you have to park. You will soon see the stairs that allow you to begin the ascent of the mountain. Be careful, they are very steep with uneven and sometimes high steps. Even if there are only 300 meters as the crow flies between the car park and the summit, you can only get there if you feel able to climb them up because the climb is quite difficult.

limbing Mount Eboshi: steps and more steps

The painful ascent of the stairs begins. The first part to the Shinto sanctuary is quite "quiet", it's after that it gets hard! The stairs continue much steeper and the uneven steps break the rhythm. Fortunately, a ramp has been installed, and it is very necessary for both ascent and descent. So we gradually climb up all those stairs that seem to us to be endless without looking up. And after a huge effort, we finally get there! What a relief!! At this stage, we are already quite high, but we still have to climb a few meters to reach the Grail.

The stairs give way to a path in a rather sparse forest. The path goes up again but it is less tiring than the stairs. It crosses rocks with a part is a bit technical, but on a short stretch, then it leads to a small building that is part of the sanctuary crossed below.

From here, there are only a few meters to climb to reach the summit. And more steps! One wonders how a staircase could have been built here! Another last effort... We finally arrive on a very small platform secured by railings.

Magnificent panorama with views of Mount Fuji

All around us the blue of the sea surrounds us. We literally meet on the roof of the world! From the promontory, the view is 360° complete and in the distance, a surprise awaited us! Mount Fuji! What a show!

Its magnificent stature stood out from the horizon to the north, like an island floating in the ocean.

I think we were very lucky to see it because we need good weather conditions to see it from so far away. But the rest from the point of view is well worth the efforts of ascension. From here, we overlook the cliffs, and the pretty colors of Kumomi Bay. The unobstructed view allows you to see the entire coast and its green hills for miles. A moment of serenity where we were alone to contemplate this grandiose landscape. A real crush!

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