Kvernufoss waterfall: a hidden treasure

Written by Sandrine Published on 25/10/2016

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A few meters from the famous Skógafoss Falls, there is a little jewel hidden in a green setting: the secret waterfall of Kvernufoss. A place still unknown and wild, where you will probably be alone alone with nature, ecstasy in front of a sumptuous waterfall that will let you photograph from all angles. A real crush on our visit to southern Iceland.

Kvernufoss waterfall seen from the sky

How to find the Kvernufoss waterfall?

The beautiful Kvernufoss is not marked, not even a small sign indicates its location, perhaps to better keep its secret. And yet it is located in the immediate vicinity of Skógafoss, at the end of a small path of about 600 meters (about 15 minutes).

Once you reach the village of Skógar, continue straight ahead, leaving the road on your left towards Skógafoss waterfall. A little further on, turn left towards the Skógar Museum. Once at the museum level, continue a little more until you pass in front of a large sheet metal building which is actually a swimming pool.

Park after the last building, where the road stops. There is no real parking, but there are places in the grass where you can leave a few vehicles.

The approach path: the river and gorge

Kvernufoss  waterfall

Once on foot, look for a small path to the right, eastward and follow it. After a few meters, a small metal ladder allows you to cross the sheep pen fence. Go past the fence and continue on the path. You will soon arrive at the edge of a small river, the Kverna.

The trail now continues up the river this time northbound. Little by little, the scenery gradually transforms itself creating a very pretty gorge where the river rushes in. The charm is already working! The path takes a little altitude, rising gradually and letting the river make some meanders below. Don't hesitate to come near the water's edge and you will discover beautiful basins of clear turquoise blue water.

Kvernufoss  waterfall

The trail continues along this enchanting and bucolic landscape, then far away, Kvernufoss appears in the middle of a small circus that marks the end of the gorges.

The beautiful Kvernufoss and the passage behind the waterfall

Little by little, the path approaches the waterfall, from where you can hear the crashes in the distance. The gorges gradually widen and gradually let appear a small amphitheatre of greenery, where the sheep will be with you, probably the only spectators.

Kvernufoss sits majestically at the back of the circus.

In a deafening crash, the water burst into the void to burst about 20 meters lower on small rocks strangely positioned under the powerful jet of water.

Kvernufoss  waterfall

But the discovery doesn't stop there! The path continues around the waterfall on the left, then rushes under the cavity behind the waterfall. Just like in Seljalandfoss, the trail now passes behind the waterfall, allowing you to admire Kvernufoss from every angle!

Like here, there is no one, you will have plenty of time to capture the waterfall in front, side and back, and enjoy these minutes of happiness, in the middle of nature in this enchanting setting. A pure moment of happiness to enjoy with nature!

Kvernufoss  waterfall

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