Gorges of Takachiho: boat trip in the middle of basalt columns

Written by Sandrine Published on 20/06/2016
2000 ¥ (for 30 min of boat)

If you are crossing the Nishiuzuki district, stop off at the Takachiho Canyon, (高千穂峡).

At the bend of a bend, you can discover the fantastic scenery of a 17-metre waterfall flowing into the green waters of the Gokase River, amidst magnificent basalt columns. The gorges were formed by a lava flow following an eruption of Mount Aso. The lava cooled down very quickly and formed the geometrical basalt columns that can be admired today.

Boat ride in the Takachiho Gorge

 You can sail until you reach the waterfall, see positioning yourself underneath for those who want to try the experience, but be careful, it gets wet! We went there in May, during the week and we weren't many of us on the water, but I guess in the season or the weekend there must be a lot of people.

The most interesting narrow section is only about 200 metres long, but this is enough to make the site remarkable. The boat ride is quite pleasant, but beware, you will only have 30 minutes. Don't spend too much time playing with the many ducks if you don't want to pay extra on arrival.

Discover the gorges of Takachiho on foot

A small footpath has also been laid out at the top of the gorges on the other side of the pier. It allows you to admire the gorges and the waterfall from above, all free of charge.

Also know that the gorges are illuminated in the evening during the summer, until 10 pm.

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