Goblin Valley State Park's amazing formations

Written by Sandrine Published on 06/08/2016
13$ par voiture

Goblin Valley, often off the tourist circuit, is a very original and fun place west of Moab. An opportunity to stop by if you pass through the area.

Already from the road leading to the park, strange reddish rocky forms appear. We are then welcomed by the 3 judges, a rocky formation of 3 columns. The road continues to a small parking lot. To access the small gobelins of stone, it will be necessary to pay $13 entry fee, not included in the Pass America the beautiful because it is a State park. The car park overlooks the park and from up there, you can discover a myriad of small earthen hats from a covered platform: goblins. They're everywhere! Big, small, straight, twisted. We only want to go down as fast as possible to discover them more closely.

It is possible to go down directly by cutting through the flanks, or by a staircase a little further down. We find ourselves immersed in an amazing universe. Small by far, we realize that goblins are finally quite big! They resemble large mushrooms that have been formed as a result of slow erosion by water and wind for millions of years.

There is no road in the park, so you can walk freely in it. Red mushrooms are usually gathered in small groups and can sometimes be passed through the middle. You can play along by sneaking through the gaps. It's coming up, coming down. We bend down to get under the hats. We have fun like grown-up kids and there's hardly anyone! It is possible to climb goblins (be careful not to degrade the site), so don't be asked to do a little gymnastics and a photo shoot acrobatic; -)

Even if it's a fairly fast tour, count on 1 hour on you to go for a stroll, the place is worth the detour and the children will love the visit. A really nice stopover that we enjoyed.

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