Glacier point: A breathtaking panorama

Written by Sandrine Published on 28/06/2016

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If you're looking for a breathtaking view of the Yosemite peaks and its half-dome, head up to Glacier Point!

Access to Glacier Point

From Yosemite Valley, on the Wawona Road to Oakhurst, 13km after Tunnel View, Glacier Point Road climbs up the mountain. It winds between the pines and gradually climbs 25 km until it reaches the summit. At the end of the road, there is a large parking lot. From there, we have to continue on foot for about 500 meters. The trees widen and gradually let the landscape appear. Whoa! Whoa!!

Landscape from Glacier Point

Glacier Point: A panorama that leaves you speechless

We can only remain speechless in front of the view before us. Our gaze embraces all the summits of Yosemite, including the half-dome that stands proudly before us. Everything seems so big that you feel small, it's splendid. At the bottom, the pine trees seem to lick the foot of the rocky peaks that dominate the landscape. On the right, you can see the beautiful waterfalls of Vernal and Nevada Falls.

View of Vernal waterfall from Glacier Point

View of Nevada waterfall from Glacier Point

  We could spend hours contemplating this landscape, which lights up at sunset.

Several lookouts are very well laid out among the large rocks, so it is possible to discover the scene from different angles. You will find all the essential amenities and even a visitor centre. There are also different hiking trails, including the Four Miles Trail, which allows you to go down or up from the valley.

The Glacier Point is only accessible during good weather, the road being closed in winter or in case of snowfall.

Flo's review

The landscape of this part of the park is just great. Even if the crowds are high, the space is large enough to take advantage of it.

Choose the sunrise or the colors of the late afternoon: for your eyes or your photos, the scene will come out even more beautiful!

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