Arnarfjörður, an incredible fjord

Written by Sandrine Published on 10/01/2017

The fiords of western Iceland, generally called Westfjords, are full of wonders. Over thousands of kilometers, the island's coasts plunge into the blue ocean forming incredible landscapes. In the extreme west of the country, the sea cuts the earth into deep fjords.

Arnarfjörður is probably the most beautiful of them.

Arrival at Arnarfjörður: the incredible descent to Bíldudalur

Over a distance of more than 30 km, the waters flow inland and divide into two large channels. Be sure to arrive from the south on Highway 63. The road passes a pass before going down to the small fishing village of Bíldudalur. After passing the pass, the view is unveiled. The walls then widen to let the village appear below, at the edge of the fjord as if the decoration had been carved for him.

In the late summer, at the end of the evening, when the sun sets in the north, the view is absolutely splendid. We regret that we didn't take a photo, so much we looked at the landscape with awe. Alas, the next morning the weather was rainy, erasing the charm of the place.

On the south bank of Arnarfjörður: heavenly beaches and steep cliffs

From Bíldudalur, take route 619. This one is not tarred and has a few potholes but can be crossed with a small city car.

This road is not famous and yet it is one of the most beautiful roads of our trip. On the side of the fjord, the path goes up to the tip of the fjord, along superb beaches of clear sand, which you wouldn't suspect!

The landscapes reveal a magical scenery. The path winds its way between lagoons of crystal clear turquoise blue water, gentle valleys and steep walls. This is where the fjord is the widest, with the opposite bank about 10 km away. If you're lucky enough to have sunshine, you won't regret driving here.

It is at midday that the colors are the most beautiful, the sun illuminating the sand under the water and tinting it with a beautiful azure color.

Due to lack of time we had to turn back after about ten kilometers, but we promised to go back, this time to the end!

At the end of the fjord

Highway 63 now continues eastward around the southern portion of the fjord and then joins Highway 60, which moves away from the waterfront.

The road is taking altitude and offering new landscapes. It turns into a path, crossing plains of small hills as far as the eye can see. It's like another world. Here and there, you can see small lakes still snow-covered with their waterfalls. We'd like to stay there for a picnic in the sun.

The north bank of Arnarfjörður: contrasts at the water's edge

After about twenty kilometres, the road 60 finally joins the Arnarfjörður fjord, this time on its northern bank. The path then starts a magnificent descent towards the banks, passing close to the beautiful Dynjandi waterfall. Here, the view is superb again. The gradients of grey and green plunge into the deep, cold blue of the water.

On nearly 20 km, the road lets us enjoy this impressive beauty. It almost touches the surface of the water, before moving to new fjords further north.

If you can, discover this game at the end of the day, when the sun is low. The rays will illuminate the walls of the fjord before they are reflected into the sea, creating an almost magical atmosphere.

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