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Oahu is the most famous and visited island of the Hawaiian islands. It is renowned for its city, Honolulu, and its beach, Waikiki beach, made famous by the television series shot there. The Pearl Harbor attack also contributed significantly to the Hawaiian islands' worldwide recognition.

Despite the city's excitement, Oahu has many hikes in its heart, as well as pretty sandy beaches. Oahu is an island that will seduce the city's enthusiasts who will find an atmosphere that combines American-style life and Hawaiian traditions.

Important information

Jellyfish Invasion: Thousands of jellyfish arrived in Oahu in mid-August. They are mainly found in the Kailua and Waimanolo beach area. Their sting is painful and can be dangerous for people who are allergic to it. Signs indicating the presence of jellyfish have been installed on the beaches concerned.

What to do, what to see in Oahu

Unfortunately, we only stayed a short time in Oahu to reveal all the facets of it. We have summarized our feedback in the following articles. We will complete them by the end of the year following our next trip in November 2019.

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