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Written by SandrinePublished on 11/22/16

Here is an idea of itinerary that we propose for a stay of 14 days in Iceland. This mixed tour (roads and trails) will allow you to discover the incredible diversity of the landscapes of Iceland and to venture into the interior lands.

From the immense glaciers of the south to the fjords of the east, passing by the deserts of lava and volcanoes of the center, you will discover an incredible variety of landscapes and take advantage of the tracks to get away from the sights and so you immerse yourself in the heart of nature Icelandic.

Pace of the course: 4/5 
Difficulty: 3/5 
Period: From the beginning of July to the beginning of September

Our suggested itinerary of 14 days in Iceland

1Highlights of this tour

Expedition to the incredible chain of volcanoes of the LakagigarDiscover the immense southern tongues (possibility of excursion on glacier)Visit the Eastern FjordsCrossing the huge desert of the eastern highlands and ascent of the volcano AskjaExploration of the geothermal region around Lake MyvatnPossibility of excursion at sea to see whales in HusavikApocalyptic trip to Hveradalir in the KerligarfjollDiscover the incredible landscapes of the LandmannalaugarWalking on the still hot Eldfell volcano in Heimaey, Vestmann Islands

2Which vehicle to choose for this tour?

A 4x4 will be essential for this circuit. You will take several off-road trails. The tracks are dashed on the map. A few fords without great difficulties will have to be crossed.

For this tour, we recommend a Suzuki Grand Vitara (model before 2016), Suzuki Jimny or Dacia Duster. Take a vehicle in 4WD, it is important in case of worries when crossing a ford. You can also choose a larger model for more comfort if you travel to several.

Before you leave, check the traffic conditions on the tracks at http://road.is

3Options and alternatives

Some steps can be adapted according to your constraints and desires. For example:

  • On the last day, according to your desires, you can choose to visit the capital Reykjavik or enjoy the landscapes of the Reykjanes peninsula by making the tour of the peninsula.

4Detail day after day

If you arrive in Iceland at the end of the day, we suggest you spend the first night in Reykjavik in order to refuel and be ready to start your tour the next day.

Day 1: Þingvellir, Kerið and Hveragerði

Faults in Þingvellir

This tour begins with the discovery of the Þingvellir park for a walk of about 2 to 3 hours in the heart of the faults and crevasses. Several car parks will allow you to explore the different places of the park.

After this entry, continue the visit with the discovery of the glowing crater of Kerið, descending to the south.

At the end of the afternoon, we recommend a detour near Hveragerði to discover the geothermal Valley of Reykjadalur accessible after a walk of about 2h30. On the program, discovery of bubbling mud puddles and bathing in a river of hot water at 38-40 ° C. Night near Hveragerði.

Day 2: Waterfalls and beaches in southern Iceland

Skógafoss Waterfall

For this second day, we propose you to discover the amazing landscapes of the south of Iceland. The first part of the day will be devoted to the discovery of the southern waterfalls: Seljalandsfoss, Gljúfrafoss, Skógafoss and Kvernufoss.

For those who wish, it is possible to continue the visit of Skógafoss by a hike from the top of the waterfall.

In the second part of the day, change of scenery with the discovery of the impressive tongue of the Sólheimajökull (possibility of a hike on the glacier with a guide).

The road then takes you to the seaside with a stop at the pretty cape of Dyrhólaey and its natural arch, then to the black sand beach of Reynisfjara famous for its basalt organs. Between June and mid-August, you may be able to see the famous puffins nesting in the cliffs. Overnight in Vík.

Day 3: Lakagigar Expedition

Lakagigar Craters

This third day will be the occasion to leave for a excursion of 7 hours until the incredible chain of the Laki. Just before arriving at Kirkjubæjarklaustur, you will take the track F206 and cross your first fords.

Along the way, do not forget to stop to discover the pretty waterfall of Fragifoss.After about 2 hours of trail, you will reach the famous chain of volcanoes. You will be able to walk in the heart of the volcanoes and climb to the top of the Laki (2 hours A / R) to enjoy a superb view on the whole chain whose eruption would be at the origin of the French revolution.

If the level of the ford on the F207 is correct (you will be able to make sure with the rangers of the park), you can make a loop via the track F207 which crosses incredible landscapes, and proposes other very nice excursions. Before returning, do not forget to make a stopover in the beautiful canyon of Fjaðrárgljúfur. Overnight in Kirkjubæjarklaustur.

Day 4: Discovery of Vatnajökull glaciers

The Svinafellsjokull

Direction the immense glacial tongues of the Vatnajokull. A first stop at Skaftafell Park will allow you to admire the waterfall of Svartifoss and its basaltic organs.Along the way, venture to traditional small houses with peat roofs, in Sel (2 hour hike).

Route 1 continues along the Vatnajokull skyline. Do not hesitate to stop at the glacial tongues and lakes of The Svínafellsjökull, Kviárjökull, Fjallsárlón and then Jökulsárlón, the famous lake with icebergs. Especially walk up to the black sand beach at the estuary to see the icebergs stranded on the beach. Overnight in Hofn.

Day 5: The eastern fjords

Small port of Djúpivogur

This quieter day will be the occasion to make a pleasant transition before venturing into the desert. Highway 1 will take you along the coast, with impressive cliffs. Stop at the lagoon of Lónsfjörður where you may see a gathering of thousands of swans!Continue along the road that takes you to the first fjords and their small fishing villages like Djúpivogur, where it is pleasant to stop. You will be able to continue the road of the seaside which winds in the fjords of the east, and to discover sublime landscapes. When you want to, return to Egilsstaðir for the night.

Day 6: Eastern Highlands

Crossing the desert from the F910

This day will take you to the depths of an immense and impressive desert of solitude! But before the desert you can enjoy the pleasant wooded landscapes on the shore of Lake Lagarfjlót along the 931 road. Here you will have to take care of refueling because you will not have any station in sight before Mývatn, day 8!

If you leave early, you will have time to make a stop to discover the successive waterfalls of Hengifoss and Lítanesfoss during a pleasant hike of about 2h00.

Route 910 will take you to the gates of the desert. After the huge dam on the Jökulsá, the road becomes a track. Before you sink into the desert, you can relax under the hot waterfall of Laugarvellir. The trail will soon take you into incredible lunar landscapes for a journey of about 5 hours to the foot of Askja. Some easy fords will have to be crossed. Overnight at Askja campground.

Day 7: Walking around Askja

Crater Víti and Lake Öskjuvatn

This day will be marked by the ascent of the volcano Askja to discover its huge caldera covered partly by Lake Öskjuvatn.

You will discover here one of the most surprising landscapes of Iceland. A short hike of 1h30 takes you to admire the sublime colors Víti crater and Öskjuvatn lake

in the background. The more adventurous will be able to bathe in the murky waters of the crater Víti and will be able to listen to the breath of the volcano by putting their head under the water!

Once you drive back to askja campground, you will also have the opportunity to head towards the last still steaming stream of Holurhaun (2014) and walk around on it, respecting the pre-defined route.

After learning about the level of the Lindaá, you can either use the F88 track if the level is correct or the F905 track to the Mývatn area. After 2 to 3 hours of track, you will finally regain civilization. Overnight at Lake Mývatn.

Day 8: Geothermal area around Mývatn

Geothermal area of Námafjall

Near Mývatn there is a significant number of geothermal phenomena. This day will be an opportunity to discover them all. There is no pre-established order, you will only have to walk around the lake according to your desires.

To the east of the lake you can discover the geothermal field of Námafjall (Hverir), as well as the very active volcanic area of Krafla, with the Víti crater and the huge lava field of Leirhnjúkur (1h30 walk) .

All around Lake Mývatn, the sites are very different, such as the great Hverfjall crater,

 the strange formations of Dimmuborgir, the crevasse and the underground river of Grjótagja, the beautiful forest of Höfði and the pseudo-craters of Skútustaðir.Overnight at Lake Mývatn.

Day 9: Northern Iceland

Hills of Rauðhu00f2lar

For this new day, you will drive north, where you will expect new landscapes. Route 862 will bring you to the impressive falls of Selfoss and Dettifoss, the most powerful in Europe, and eventually Hafragilsfoss.

After this visit you will continue on the F862 road which will turn into a trail to Vesturdalur. From here, a 2-hour hike takes you to discover the splendid basaltic formations of Hjoðaklettar along the Jökulsá as well as the red ridge of Rauðhu00f2lar.

Continuing northwards you can stop at the wooded canyon of Ásbyrgi and head towards the port city of Húsavík on the edge of the ocean near the Arctic Circle. This is one of the best places in Iceland to go whale watching. Finally, you will reach the vibrant city of Akureyri on the edge of the Skagafjörður fjord, without forgetting to stop at the beautiful Goðafoss waterfall. Overnight in Akureyri.

Day 10: The Kjölur Desert

The steaming hills of Hveradalir

It's time for a new excursion into the desert of the highlands. You will reach the F35 in the direction of the Kjölur desert. The first part is very rolling. You will make a first stop at the geothermal site of Hveravellir among the fumaroles and ponds of boiling water where you will have the opportunity to bathe in a hot spring.

You will then take the road a few kilometers to the south to reach the Kerlingarfjoll massif via the F347 track, until reaching one of the most impressive places of Iceland:  Hveradallir.

. You will walk at your own pace in this fantastic site between fumaroles, solfatares and hot water rivers.

You will then take the road again on the F35 until the falls of Gulfoss. You will then discover the geothermal site of Geysir and its famous geyser, the Strokkur which gushes regularly up to 40 meters high. Overnight in Reykholt.

Day 11: En route to the Fjallabak reserve

Háifoss and Granni waterfalls

This day will take you to the heart of the Landamannalaugar hills.

On the way, from Highway 32, you will discover the sublime cascades of Háifoss et Granni

located at the end of a 4x4 trail. Not far away, you can take a trip to the oasis of Gjáin, a green paradise in the middle of the desert.

You will then turn onto Route 26 before you take the F225, one of the most beautiful accesses to the Landamannalaugar. Little by little, you discover a completely different landscape dotted with rhyolite hills. Before arriving at the campsite, especially go up the steep trail to reach the edge of the Ljótipollur lake, and discover a superb panorama. You may have the opportunity to make a first hike in the area before closing this beautiful day. Overnight at the Landmannalaugar campsite.

Day 12: Stroll through the Landmannalaugar

Landmannaugar rhyolite hills

From the campsite, go directly for a hike in the heart of the rhyolite mountains. You will have the choice between several routes according to your desires and capacities. For example, you can cross the great lava flow of Laugahraun, cross the Graenagil valley, climb the Brennisteinsalda and / or the Bláhnúkur.

In the early afternoon, you will take the F208 south and cross a myriad of small fords. On the way, you can take a short detour to reach the beautiful waterfall at the end of the fault of Eldgjá (1 hour walk). Overnight in Vík.

Day 13: The Vestmann Islands - Heimaey

View of Hemaey from the Eldfell volcano

Today, change of scenery. We suggest you to go to Heimaey, the Vestmann islands.Meet at the pier to catch the ferry at the beginning of the day (it is not necessary to book in advance).

Once on the island, head towards the large lava flow of the 1973 eruption and climb to the top of the Eldfell volcano where you can reach the still hot rocks (about 2 hours walk)! Do not hesitate to visit the Eldheimar Museum, which reconstructs the incredible eruption of the Eldfell volcano and exposes a house buried beneath the ashes (the museum was built around this house). In the afternoon, you can go to the cliffs of the north of the island to make a last visit to the puffins. Return by ferry in the evening and overnight in Selfoss.

Day 13 - Visit to Reykjavik

The famous steel sculpture of Reykjavik

You could not leave Iceland without strolling through the pleasant Icelandic capital.Stroll along the ocean, walk through the streets of the city center to the strange cathedral. Stop by the lakeside center and do not forget to enjoy fresh fish from one of the many restaurants in town.

In the evening, you can go for a swim in the blue waters of the Blue Lagoon. Last night in Reykjavik.

5To know

This article is not sponsored. This is only an idea of itinerary that we suggest you based on our experience, to help you in the preparation of your trip.

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