Boarding to Iceland

Iceland has always fascinated us with its beauty and surrealist landscapes! So in the summer of 2017 we jumped on the plane to finally discover this amazing island. During 3 weeks, we travelled the roads and trails of Iceland in search of the most beautiful landscapes of the island, but also isolated and little known places.

This adventure has been one of the craziest we've had so far! In 4x4, we went through moving fords, braved the cold, rain and wind, but what a spectacle! Iceland did not allow itself to be easily subdued, but it revealed all its splendour to us, allowing us to immortalize some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world!

Now it's our turn to make you discover this atypical country of extreme beauty.

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To plan your trip

Iceland: Stop the lies! The article that restores the truth
By reading many articles which deal with Iceland in a banal generality, often incomplete, but mostly scattered with errors, I wished to react and put some order in this cacophony of articles to [...]
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Practical information and activities

F88 and F910: discovering the Highlands of North-East Iceland
Accessible only by 4x4, the Highlands of North-East are full of incredible landscapes that are only discovered in summer. From the F910 to the F88, let's discover these deserts of rocks, sand and [...]
Discover the glaciers of southern Iceland
The glaciers of southern Iceland are ice monsters! We will take you from the Eyjafjallajökull to the Vatnajökull to discover them.
Discover Snaefellsnes: the peninsula tour in 12 stages
Here are 12 steps to discover the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Between steep coasts and mountains, sandy beaches and lava fields, the Snaefellsnes peninsula has everything you need to be seduced.
Iceland Westfjords : what to see, what to do in the Westfjords
The most beautiful coastal landscapes of Iceland are located in the Westfjords region. This large peninsula, 150 km long by 100 km wide, is located in the extreme north-west of Iceland and invites us [...]
Discover the F210, one of the most beautiful tracks in Iceland
Breathtaking landscapes, an atmosphere at the end of the world and tens of fords! The F210 is one of the most beautiful tracks in Iceland, through incredible landscapes for 115 km!

Our travel feedback

Photograph puffins at Látrabjarg cliffs
We had the opportunity to approach very closely the puffins nesting at the cliffs of Látrabjarg in the Westfords. We give you all our tips to photograph puffins.
Fright in Iceland : The dangerous crossing of the Bláfjallakvísl river - F261
In Iceland, crossing the Bláfjallakvísl ford on the F261 can be very dangerous. We experienced it one day in July 2016.


Video: Iceland - Westfjords ride
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Iceland fascinates, impresses. The land of fire and ice has some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. For 3 weeks, we captured with our drone the most beautiful landscapes of the country [...]
Video: 3 weeks on Iceland tracks and road
Watch the video of our 21-day stay in Iceland. A summary of adventures in 4 minutes: fabulous landscapes, fords crossing, frightening and immense joys!