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Of all the places in the world we have discovered, Hawaii remains our favorite destination, as much for its beauty as for its diversity! It is a small paradise where it is good to live, in the heart of a rich tropical vegetation and a protected ecosystem.

Its 4 main islands: Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Big Island all have very different attractions and are worth a visit. Volcanoes, lush forests, beaches of all colors... In the ocean, the marine fauna is rich and abundant. Finally, the history of the first inhabitants has been preserved and traditions are still largely perpetuated in the islands.

So to finish convincing you, we have selected 4 articles to let you discover and dream of Hawaii.


The essentials to prepare your trip in Hawaii

You are now more than motivated to discover Hawaii! To help you organize the trip of your dreams, we have prepared a selection of practical articles that will help you define the main lines of your trip, including budget, itineraries and duration of your stay in the islands, accommodations and car rental.

We have completed this section with other very useful practical articles that will give you a lot of information to help you plan your stay in Hawaii.

Explore the Hawaiian Islands

Due to its location near the Tropic of Cancer and its intense volcanic activity, Hawaii has almost every type of climate in the world! The result is a beautiful and incredibly diverse landscape, which is mainly spread over the 4 islands of Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Big Island.

We fell in love with the Hawaiian islands where we have already been 3 times, to discover it, to marry there and to write a guidebook. We have spent more than 100 days in Hawaii, going to every nook and cranny of the main islands to reveal you all our advices and feedback. You will find more than 50 articles that will allow you to discover the islands of Hawaii by area. The regions on the maps are clickable.


What to do, what to see in Hawaii

Amazing volcanoes, hundreds of beaches, breathtaking hikes or snorkeling with manta rays, turtles, dolphins and whales... You won't have time to get bored in Hawaii! To access directly to the list of all the points of interest, hikes or activities to do, click on the colored circle of your choice. You will then be able to refine your selection according to the islands.

Use the map to locate points of interest and hikes

Use the interactive map to locate Hawaii's points of interest and hiking opportunities. You can then access detailed information about each location by clicking on its pop-up.