Boarding to Hawaii

Hawaii, this archipelago lost in the middle of the North Pacific that made us dream so much! We still find it hard to believe that we have been there, as this destination seems so far away. And yet, Hawaii has put us in awe!

We stayed 3 weeks to discover the different islands of the archipelago. From Kauai to Big Island, via Oahu and Maui, we have discovered new landscapes every day. Hawaii has captivated us, to see bewitched! Since then, we have had only one dream, to come back to it, so much this trip has won us over. From jungle to desert areas, from the summit of Mauna Kea to the lava flows of Kilauea, Hawaii is a compendium of landscapes of incredible diversity.

A destination that only needs to be discovered. Follow us, we'll take you there!

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To plan your trip

10 reasons that will make you want to go to Hawaii
Did you know that the Hawaiian archipelago has several islands of incredible diversity? Hawaii is a small paradise lost in the immensity of the Pacific where it is impossible to get bored. Between [...]
Prepare your trip to Hawaii: itinerary, budget, hotels...
Are you planning a trip to Hawaii? Here's all the information you need to prepare your stay: which islands to discover, when to take your plane tickets, what budget to plan and all the tips for [...]
Hawaii in 2017: itinerary and budget for 3 weeks
Back to the planning of our 21-day stay in Hawaii: choice of itinerary, duration, selection of islands, period and budget.

Practical information and activities

5 activities to do around Poipu
Poipu is a pleasant seaside resort situated in the south of the island of Kauai. Around Poipu the waters are calm and the sunshine is generous which makes this area very pleasant to discover. Here [...]
Quick visit of Oahu: the activities we tried
In this article, we will not be interested in all the activities to do on Oahu because there are so many, but the ones we had the opportunity to do during our 3 days on the island.
The TOP of the must-see activities in Hawaii
Here is our TOP of the activities that we think are essential to do during a stay in Hawaii while not forgetting some tips to enjoy it!
Secret beaches and pretty bays: the Northshore of Kauai
The island of Kauai is teeming with little nooks and crannies, sometimes hidden and unsuspected beaches that only need to be explored. We spent a day in the north-east and north of the island, [...]
Organize your visit to Pearl Harbor: between history and emotion
Pearl Harbor is one of those places where meditation and questioning intertwine. It's not about judgment here. Just to understand what happened, this morning of December 7,1941 at 7:48 am.
Waimea Canyon : Everything to know to see the Grand Canyon of the Pacific
To the west of the island of Kauai, hides a little wonder: the Waimea Canyon. Imagine a canyon 16 km long and 1000 meters deep with the ocean as a backdrop! Nicknamed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, [...]
Nā Pali Coast : discover Kauai's most beautiful reliefs
On the western part of Garden Isle (Kauai), there is a wild and preserved area: the Nā Pali Coast. Let's not go by four roads, this area is the most beautiful region of what we consider to be the [...]
Where to Snorkel in Hawaii: Our Favorite Spots
Hawaii is full of snorkeling spots scattered all over the archipelago. Snorkeling is therefore an essential activity in Hawaii, as the seabed is so rich and beautiful. So to help you choose your best [...]
7 Steps to discover the North of Big Island
The northern part of Big Island is rather atypical. It is a rather temperate and humid zone that contrasts with the drought in the southwestern part of the island. As you walk along the roads of the [...]
Kalalau Trail: The must-see Kauai hiking trail
The Kalalau trail is probably the most beautiful hike on the island of Kauai, Hawaii! Imagine a footpath through tropical vegetation on the mountain side, along the Nā Pali coast, overlooking the sea [...]
Climbing the Mauna Kea, Hawaii's highest peak
The Mauna Kea is Hawaii's highest peak. It peaks at an altitude of 4,207 metres. From its summit, we discover a sea of infinite clouds, but also large telescopes, red craters or a sacred lake with [...]
Discover the Wailua River State Park on foot and by canoe
The Wailua River is one of the only navigable rivers in Hawaii! It lies in the heart of a humid tropical ecosystem east of the small island of Kauai. A unique opportunity to enjoy an atypical day on [...]
Volcanoes National Park: discover the active volcanoes of Hawaii
Volcanoes National Park is one of the few places on Earth where volcanoes and lava can be approached all year round and walk in still warm lava fields. Witnessing these creative forces is something [...]

Our travel feedback

Snorkeling with Manta rays in Hawaii: an unforgettable experience!
Manta rays are incredible creatures! We were lucky enough to be able to admire them in Hawaii, while remaining at the surface of the water. An incredible experience that we tell you about here.
Feedback: our opinion after 3 weeks in Hawaii
It's only been a few minutes since we left the Pacific islands and we already miss Hawaii. Hawaii touched us in the heart, we were captivated and overwhelmed by these incredible islands and an Aloha [...]


Video: 1 minute 20 minutes to convince you to discover Hawaii
Hawaii is a fascinating, multi-faceted destination. Adventures, fabulous landscapes, animals... We transcribed our journey in this fast video. Let's go for 1 minute 20 minutes of fun!
Vlog 21 Hawaii - Visit of Pearl Harbor and evening in Waikiki beach
We are back in O'ahu 18 days after our first day. So we plan a visit that Flo eagerly awaits, Pearl Harbor, before heading across town to the famous Waikiki neighborhood.
Vlog 20 Hawaii - Haleakala and sunset in Maui
It's already our last day in Maui. We will take the opportunity to climb the Haleakala summit but it will be without counting on the weather. Fortunately, the sky will offer us at the end of the day [...]
Vlog 19 - Hawaii - The Beach Tour of Maui
We couldn't go to Maui and not test its beautiful white sand beaches! So it's time for a beach tour, under the sign of relaxation and idleness by the water's edge.
Vlog 18 - From Napili to Hana, the great tour of Maui
Our first day on Maui Island, we'll go around the island! On the program, route 340, then a large loop of the eastern part of the island passing by Highway 31 and then the Hana Highway.
Vlog 17 - Turtles, beaches and turquoise water - Last day at Big Island
It's already our last day on Big Island, and to finish off in style, we have an appointment with the north coast of Kona which has some nice surprises in store for us! On the agenda turtles and [...]
Vlog 16 - Snorkeling and Hawaiian History - South of Kona
On the way to discover the south of Kona with 2 snorkeling spots and the discovery of a very sacred historical site. It's on our seventh day on Big Island.
Vlog 15 - En route to Mauna Kea - Climbing the highest summit of Hawaii
Today we are attacking a monster! The Mauna Kea: the highest peak in Hawaii. With our 4x4, we will reach the summit to discover one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Hawaiian islands!
Vlog 14 Hawaii - We swam with the Manta rays!
The evening arrives, we head towards the marina of Kona where awaits us the boat which will take us to meet Manta rays. We've been waiting for this moment since the beginning of the stay, so we can't [...]
Vlog 13 - South of Big Island: from Volcanoes NP to Kona
We leave Volcanoes NP to Kona, the time to quietly discover the south of Big Island, passing through Punalu' u Beach and Green Sand Beach.
Vlog 12 - Discover active volcanoes in Hawaii at Volcanoes National Park
The video narrative of our first day in Hawaii Volcanoes NP. A day of discovery and wonder in the heart of Hawaii's active volcanoes, the opportunity to see lava spouting with the naked eye or stroll [...]
Vlog 11 Hawaii - See the lava of the Kilauea from Kalapana (part 2)
This is the moment we have been waiting for for a long time: approach Kalapana and access the active lava field and the entry point of the Kilauea lava into the Pacific Ocean. An evening full of [...]
Vlog 11 Hawaii - The Wild Southeast Big Island Coast (part 1)
A beautiful day is coming to the east of Big Island! Heading to the Puna region where the wild coast offers beautiful views, a rich nature but also incredible opportunities for swimming and [...]
Vlog 10 Hawaii - Exploration of a Lava Tunnel (Part 2)
To complete our day around Hilo, we head for Kaumana Caves State Park, an ancient lava tunnel formed during an eruption in 1880. We're going to explore the tunnel with our headlamps.
Vlog 10 Hawaii - Waterfalls and garden around Hilo (part 1)
For our second day on Big Island, we decide to discover the surroundings of Hilo. The program includes the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Botanical Garden, a beautiful botanical garden and 3 beautiful [...]
Vlog 09 Hawaii - Transition day north of Big Island
Transition day between Kauai and Big Island. We leave early in the morning from Lihue to reach Kona at the end of the morning. In the evening, we are expected in Hilo, on the other side of the island [...]
Vlog 08 Hawaii - Waimea Canyon et Koke' e State Parks - Kauai
This final day on Kauai will be devoted to one of the most beautiful and wild areas of the island: Waimea Canyon and Koke' e State Parks. Between hikes and sublime panoramas this day promises to be [...]
Vlog 07 Hawaii - Hiking on the Kalalau Trail - Kauai
Here is one of the days that we were most looking forward to in Kauai! Discover the famous N? Pali Coast and walk the first kilometers of the Kalalau Trail.
Vlog 06 Hawaii - Canoeing on the Wailua River - Kauai
New adventures day on Kauai! Departure for a canoe trip on the calm waters of the Wailua River, one of the few navigable rivers in Hawaii.
Vlog 05 Hawaii - Paradise is in Kauai - East coast beaches
We continue our tour of the island of Kauai, this time heading east and north-east to discover several beaches on foot and with fins! Follow us on this second day on Garden Island.
Vlog 04 Hawaii - Kauai - Sea and snorkeling around Poi' pu
Our first day in Kauai will be dedicated to discovering the surroundings of Poi' pu, in the south of the island. On the programme is a walk along the Pacific coast, the Spouting Horn and snorkeling.
Vlog 03 Hawaii - O' ahu - Surfing and big waves
It is our first day in Hawaii and we discover O' ahu for this little tour of the island where we will already have the chance to see two of the symbols of the archipelago: Hawaiian sea turtles, and [...]
Vlog 02 - We're going to Hawaii! 28h of journey and 12h of jetlag
We're going to Hawaii! Return on this long day of 28 hours in the airports, from Toulouse to O' ahu, without forgetting the jetlag of 12 hours!