Prepare your trip in Hawaii

The Hawaiian islands are an exceptional destination to discover in the middle of the North Pacific. Due to its geographical location near the Tropic of Cancer and its intense volcanic activity, Hawaii has almost all types of climates in the world! The result is magnificent landscapes with an incredible diversity that are mainly concentrated on the 4 main islands: Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Big Island also called the island of Hawaii.

We propose you a first series of articles to help you prepare your trip to Hawaii, knowing that it is very easy to organize a trip there by yourself.

What to do, what to see in Hawaii

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Practical tips for your trip in Hawaii

Here are several articles that will allow you to learn more about Hawaii: general information, activities, feedback... To find out more about Hawaii and discover the points of interest and hikes that can be done in the Hawaiian islands, click on the island you are interested in on the map above.

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