Vlog 20 Hawaii - Haleakala and sunset in Maui

Written by Sandrine Published on 22/09/2017

It's already our last day in Maui. This morning, it is raining, but that doesn't stop us from discovering Dragon's teeth, a lava formation resembling dragon teeth. The sea is rough and offers a beautiful sight of big waves. Then the sun reappeared! We take advantage of it to walk along the west coast and admire the gradients of colors in the water, it's so beautiful!

At the end of the morning, we decide to set off for the Haleakala and its desolate but magnificent landscape. But alas, big disappointment arrived at the top when we are in a fog to be cut with a knife... But that doesn't detract from our desire to take advantage of the last few hours on Maui before heading back to the airport with O' ahu in our sights.

We spend the last few hours on the island admiring the sunset in what is known to be one of the most beautiful settings of the archipelago when twilight comes.

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