Vlog 13 - South of Big Island: from Volcanoes NP to Kona

Written by Sandrine Published on 08/08/2017

Second morning at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

This morning, we leave early from our accommodation located a short distance from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. At 7:00 am we return to the park to finish our visit started the day before. At this hour, there's no one there! The roads are deserted and we enjoy the park's scenery by going down to the sea, thanks to the Chain of Craters Road. 

During a pleasant open air breakfast, we meet in front of H?lei Arch, a small arch formed by the erosion of the lava. After having well taken advantage of this early day, we take the road towards Kona.

South Big Island Crossing

For many long minutes we walk along the Mauna Loa that we can guess from far away, then we reach the black sand beach of Punalu' u Beach, famous for its turtles that come regularly to rest there. After getting to know a nice specimen, we continue on the road to Papakolea Beach, better known as Green Sand Beach. 

This beach has the particularity of being partly composed of olivine, coming from a natural silicate of iron and magnesium tinged with green, which gives it its strange greenish color. But before reaching the beach, you have to walk the 8 km of track on foot.

Finally, we will be graciously embarked by a man behind the wheel of his big car, who will offer to bring us back for $10 per person. It smells like illegal business! We therefore decline his proposal, but we are very happy to have taken advantage of this free 4x4 trip.

We then discover the beach which is very beautiful in the sun. It is possible to swim there, but we don't have the motivation. So we're leaving pretty quickly, this time on foot.

The evening arrives and we finally reach Kona where we will stay for 3 days. The small town is very pleasant, especially on the seaside! The evening promises to be pleasant :)

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