Vlog 11 Hawaii - See the lava of the Kilauea from Kalapana (part 2)

Written by Sandrine Published on 16/07/2017

Our trip to Kalapana Lava Flows

It is now 5.30 p. m., time to reach the town of Kalapana, which was buried by a lava flow in 1990. From the car park at the end of the road, we rent bicycles to cover the 7 km that separates us from the entry point of the Kilauea lava in the Pacific Ocean.

We arrive just in time for sunset. The luminosity is dropping and unveils incredible colors, a real fireworks! After having caught our eyes, we walk to the lava fields still smoking in places. The lava flows right under our feet through the famous lava tunnel that flows into the ocean. We go in search of a little liquid lava but in vain. In recent days, activity has been very low on the surface.

Nevertheless, this 2-hour walk in the lava field was an incredible experience. We felt the lava close by, it was almost frightening, but what sensations! Around 9:30 pm we have to find our bikes to return them at 10 pm.
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