Vlog 09 Hawaii - Transition day north of Big Island

Written by Sandrine Published on 08/06/2017

Transition day between Kauai and Big Island. We leave early in the morning from Lihue to reach Kona at the end of the morning. In the evening, we are expected in Hilo, on the other side of the island and we decide to make the round trip through the north. On the program, many kilometers, but also very varied landscapes!

The vlog

Summary of our day

Departure at 5am from our hotel in Lihue to take the plane to Big Island (also called Hawaii Island), which is, as its name suggests, the largest island in the archipelago. We arrive in Kona at the end of the morning after a short stopover in Honolulu (Oahu).

After having recovered our rental 4x4, we decide to go to Hilo via the north. The road ahead is long, but we will have no further opportunities to visit this part of the island.

We make our first stop at the historic site of Lapakahi and discover the remains of a village built by the first Hawaiians. It's very hot and dry, it changes radically from Kauai! Then we continue our way northward where we cross the small town of Hawi, cradle of King Kamehameha 1st. This part of the island is greener and more pleasant.

We then head towards the Polulu Valley which offers a beautiful panorama of the wild and inaccessible west coast of Big Island before turning back the way to Waimea. On the way, we cross in the fog large grassy plains dotted with small craters. We feel like we are in Auvergne! It's cool and humid, the climate change is really radical!

From Waimea we go northwards up to Waipi' o Valley. We don't have time to go down into the valley so we just enjoy the view from the lookout. Then it's time to go back to Hilo. 

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