Vlog 05 Hawaii - Paradise is in Kauai - East coast beaches

Written by Flo Published on 17/04/2017

On the programme of our second day on the island of Kauai, The Garden Island, East and North-East to discover the intimacy of Hawaiian beaches, those that are neglected by tourists and only known to locals.

We start our beach tour with the little known and yet beautiful bay of Pappa' a beach. A short path leads to a white sandy bay and the turquoise water, bordered by palm trees. Beautiful!

Then we head north to Moloa' a beach, a beautiful beach that spans several hundred meters also in arc of circle. These beaches are not very well known and therefore not very frequented, which is really good!

In Moloa' a beach it is possible to walk on either side of the beach. So we took the path that goes northwards and makes us discover beautiful views of the coast. It even leads us to a beautiful coral reef. Allow about 45 min - 1 hour to go back and forth.

Next stop at Secret Beach, a beach more famous than the previous one despite its name. A small footpath goes down to the big beach. How calm and restful it is!

Then we headed towards Queen's bath, natural swimming pools on the coast which are accessible by calm sea. The access path passes through the heart of the jungle and follows a stream that ends in a small waterfall. Alas, today there was too much wind and swell for the swimming conditions to be met, so we could not swim.

Last stop at the beautiful sandy beach of Animi beach, in the north of the island for a snorkeling session. The beach is a fine strip of sand for several kilometers, very nice! The corals are quite far from the beach but allow to see beautiful formations and colored fish. They are fewer in number than in the south but the reef is well preserved.

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