The origins of an adventure

Written by Sandrine Published on 20/06/2016

This adventure is ours. An adventure that begins in 2013, after a 26-day trip to North America. This trip will remain forever etched in our memories, both for the fantastic landscapes we discovered and the encounters with the locals.

It all starts with a simple travel film...

So when we came back we decided to make it into a film. A film whose original goal was not to forget everything we had experienced. And as I'm rather perfectionist for all the things I do, we made a 1h30 video, retracing our adventures day after day, mixing photos, videos and audio commentaries. We had to see this film dozens of times, and each time we had the feeling of reliving our journey and escaping again.

So when we went back to the American West the following year, we had this film project in mind again, but contrary to the previous year, we had anticipated it. To do even better, we wanted to film ourselves more often on a daily basis, and above all punctuate the film with personal anecdotes, in order to make it more alive. As a result, we filmed a lot and planned some sequences. Once back, this time we decided to make only a few minutes of videos, tracing a single day, so that they could be viewed more easily.

In the end, the new format combined with the playful side was very successful, which encouraged us to continue along this path. During the videos, we worked on them so that they allow us to feel what we had experienced. Little by little, the videos resembled short documentaries and we liked the idea. It is partly this turn of events that motivated us to go further and create this site.

The preparation of our trips and guides

When we set out to attack the world, it seems important to us to prepare our journey well. During my first trips, I bought the famous tourist guides on the coveted destination. Once I was there, I would go through the guides that I had brought with me and decide to go to this or that place. But one day in 2012, during a trip to Portugal, I had selected a site that was said to be unavoidable in the guide I had. I had thus made 3 hours of road to go there. And once we get there, it's disillusionment. All this road for nothing and especially wasted time that I could have devoted to something else. Then on the way back I decide to take another path which will make me discover a superb creek with crystal clear waters which was not mentioned anywhere. Following this bad experience, I decided to prepare my travels much better to be sure to make the right choices once there.

In 2013, I therefore took the initiative to create my own guide. I spent long hours going through guides and blogs to identify sites that we might be interested in. An ant job that took me several months. But in the end, I had produced a guide of a hundred pages, listing all the activities and sites that we could be brought to see near our course. To deepen my knowledge, I had also identified a number of hiking trails, the stories of each site, and places for wildlife viewing. In short, a very comprehensive guide.

Once there, I can assure you that we were very happy to have our guide, as many places were not well indicated because they were not very touristy, and in the parks, visitors centres were not very helpful with their frankly succinct leaflets. In the end, our guide was a real gold mine during the whole trip, allowing us to discover magical places not referenced, and above all of an excellent support on a daily basis.

Since then, I repeat the experience every time I travel. when I have time. This allows us to really focus on what interests us, and dig deep enough into each subject to find the best shots and unusual places.

Today, a new page is being written

Today we are continuing the initiatives we have begun, but with the will to share them this time, so that you can have the same experiences. From this idea was born the creation of our site. We had had this project for a long time but we didn't really know how to design it. Having a lot of knowledge in development, it wasn't very difficult to create a website, but it was all about what to put in and how to structure the information.

Finally the idea comes to us, and more than just a travel blog, we want to create a real database referencing all the information we have collected for almost 4 years. We will share all our experiences, tips and points of view to help you organize your trips!

The translation may not be accurate. If you detect any errors, please let us know , and we will correct them immediately. Thank you and sorry for this inconvenience. Sandrine & Flo

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