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Written by Sandrine Published on 24/10/16

Queen of southern Iceland, Skógafoss impresses with its almost impeccable water curtain almost 60 metres high and 25 metres wide. A local legend even says that a treasure would be hidden behind the fall, but until now, only the handful would have been caught (it is in the Skógar Museum).

Impressive, majestic, deafening... Skógafoss never ceases to arouse ecstasy and we understand why. In good weather, rainbows will crown the beauty, making the scene even more incredible.

The impressive Skógafoss seen from the sky
The impressive Skógafoss seen from the sky

1Arrival in Skógafoss

Skógafoss is discovered from below. Visible from Route 1, you can reach it by taking the road that leads to the small village of Skógar. Very well signposted, you will simply have to follow the signs that will take you to a large car park, close to the famous campsite, at the foot of the waterfall. On the spot you will find all amenities: supermarket, restaurant, toilets (fees).

2Walk at the foot of the Skógafoss waterfall

After a few meters of walking, you will be at the foot of the imposing waterfall, whose noise is deafening. The view from below is the most beautiful and impressive. Expect to be soaked from head to toe if you venture too close. Indeed, it is possible to walk along the banks of the Skóga river until you reach the waterfall, where almost! Don't forget your raincoat and rain pants if you want to approach the powerful jet of water.

You probably won't be the only ones to come and admire the waterfall.
The power of the fall raises many splashes of water

Our photo tips

In summer, it will be difficult to photograph the fall without having tourists in the frame, unless you come there very early in the morning or very late at night. More generally, also pay attention to water splashes, which can wet the lenses even tens of meters from the waterfall. In windy conditions, this can be more complicated.

3See Skogafoss from its summit

A fairly steep metal staircase of 428 steps leads to the top of the fall. It is also the beginning or end of the famous Laugavegur trek, which connects the Landmannalaugar in 4 steps.

The ascent of the steps is quite strenuous, as it is long and congested. Be patient to reach the summit when there is a rush. From above, a metal footbridge overlooks the top of the waterfall, just after its big dive. But, it must be said, this view is not so impressive in the end, and for my part, I do not think that it is worth the efforts of the ascension, unless I just want to satisfy my curiosity.

On the stairs...
View of Skógafoss from the metal footbridge

4Going up the Skóga River

The trail gradually climbs up the Skóga
The trail gradually climbs up the Skóga

After climbing the metal stairs, at the level of the footbridge, a small wooden staircase will allow you to cross the fence of the sheep pen. Cross it and continue on the hiking trail.

The path gently climbs up along the Skóga where dozens of small waterfalls follow one another in a magical setting of steep canyons. It's beautiful! Take the time to enjoy this enchanting landscape, and turn around whenever you want.

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