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Written by Sandrine Published on 25/08/16

If you are passing through the south of Iceland, you will not be able to miss this famous waterfall, one of the most photographed in Iceland! Seljalandsfoss is famous for its ability to walk behind it and photograph it from every angle.

Overflight at the summit of Seljalandsfoss
Overflight at the summit of Seljalandsfoss
Seljalandsfoss view from drone
The powerful water jet of the cascade (drone)

Seljalandsfoss is located near Route 1, at the very beginning of Route 249. Its accessibility is very easy, so expect not to be the only ones. Indeed, the rather large car park can accommodate the busses of tourists who are quite numerous there in the summer, and this until sunset. From the car park, you will have to walk a few tens of meters to reach the waterfall. You will discover Seljalandsfoss, who also impresses with his power.

If you can, come discover Seljalandsfoss at sunset in the summer.

Coming to the sunset, you will come back with incredible memories and photos. The sun setting in the axis of the waterfall during the summer, it will offer you a rare opportunity to contemplate its reflections behind the waterfall. You will have as much less people than during the day, even if the sunset is the appointment of many photographers who are all trying to immortalize this magical moment, moving their tripods with the sun. But the place is wide enough not to be embarrassed.

Seljalandsfoss at sunset
Seljalandsfoss at sunset

1Our tips to enjoy Seljalandsfoss

  • Seljalandsfoss seen from behind (without wide angle)
    Seljalandsfoss seen from behind (without wide angle)
    In order to photograph the entire back waterfall, please bring your wide-angle lens, otherwise we will only be able to capture part of the beautiful waterfall.
  • Take your raincoat with you because depending on the wind, water splashes can be quite numerous, the trail passing fairly close to the waterfall. In fact, rocks can be slippery, so be careful.

  • Don't forget to make a stop at the waterfall of Gljúfrafoss located 600 meters north of Seljalandsfoss. You can also walk directly to it. This waterfall with the peculiarity of partially hiding a rocky screen, opened by a small fault where you have to sneak in to admire.

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