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Written by Sandrine Published on 23/06/16
500¥ (parking)

The beach of Mogushi (茂串) is a jewel, one of those still wild places that can be found in Japan. We are even talking about one of the most beautiful beaches in Kyûshû. The beautiful beach with crystal clear waters is located to the south of Shimoshima Island.
Getting to Mogushi Beach

To get there, you have to go to the small village of Mogushi. From there, a very narrow road, as we often find as soon as we move away from the main roads, takes us to the waterfront where a small car park allows us to park.

We walk a few meters to reach a coarse sandy beach. At first sight, the place is not very beautiful and the beach is not very welcoming. But we must not stop there! Once on the beach, you have to continue for about 300 meters to the left, walking along the water's edge. The coast forms small berries. We arrive at the end of the second, and then... time stops... One can only remain amazed at such a beautiful landscape.

Mogushi beach
Panoramic view of Mogushi Beach

1A heavenly beach on the island of Shimoshima

What makes its charm is the setting. We are in a green setting. The vegetation is dense and wild, the sand is very fine and slightly pinkish, black volcanic rocks offer a striking contrast, giving a postcard look. It's calm, you just hear the sound of the waves, civilization seems so far away.

Beautiful panorama from the beach of Mogushi
We discover the crystal clear waters

We had the beach to ourselves when we went there in May 2015! Well, it wasn't the high season, but Shimoshima Island is generally quite forgotten by tourists. It should also be noted that the climate in this part of Japan is rather humid. Besides, the weather wasn't part of the game during our whole stay in Shimoshima. But fortunately a blue sky gap allowed to reveal all the colours for a few minutes.

Despite the grey weather, we have been here for quite some time. We wandered on the rocks, ending up playing with the periwinkles. In short, real children;) We dreamed of putting on our swimsuits and diving in the water. The temptation was horrible... With sunshine, this place must just be heavenly!

Turquoise blue water and fine sand from the beach of Mogushi
The sand is fine and pink tinted.

Paradise colours of Mogushi Beach
Swimming is really tempting!
The beach is also the breeding ground for sea turtles, which come to lay their eggs in May and June, and a frequent location for Japanese television NHK.

Panorama from the beach of Mogushi
Mogushi beach

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