Meeting with beluga whales

Written by Sandrine Published on 20/06/2016

We hoped to meet marine mammals during our stay on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in September 2013. Although we did a great job with the whales, we were lucky enough to see a group of beluga whales frolicking in the Saguenay fjord.

It is precisely from the beluga whale stopover lookout, which bears his name, located on the shores of Sainte Marguerite Bay, that we saw the small white whales. The viewpoint is accessible after a very pleasant 3 km walk. More information on Baie Sainte Marguerite.

When we arrive at the lookout, we scan the blue waters of the fjord. They look clear and calm. This viewpoint being known for the observation of cetaceans, we persevere, hoping to see the surface of the water tremble.

Then in the distance it seems to me to see small white dots. Is that foam left by the waves? Flo takes the telephoto lens and zooms in on white spots. To our surprise, this is not a foam but a group of beluga whales arriving from the west!

We are in the angels, the long-awaited reward is finally coming. Slowly, the small group of about fifteen individuals advance towards the bottom of the fjord and approach the belvedere. We can now distinguish them much better. There are kids who seem to have fun and adults who hunt underwater. We can now hear the sound of their breath clearly when they return to the surface.

We're alone, the weather is radiant. We remain long minutes to observe the scene without moving. Beluga whales that continue to cross and are now further west. They're moving away little by little. It is also time for us to leave the premises. A little reluctantly, we abandon the small group in the hope that we can meet again during our trip.

The translation may not be accurate. If you detect any errors, please let us know , and we will correct them immediately. Thank you and sorry for this inconvenience. Sandrine & Flo

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