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Written by Sandrine Published on 17/09/16

This name may not mean anything to you, but it is one of the most famous pictures of Iceland. A national emblem often photographed at sunset. Why? Mount Kirkjufell, located north of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, is ideally exposed during the summer months when the sun sets in the north.

The magnificent Mount Kirjufell
The famous view of Mount Kirkjufell with the Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall in the foreground.

What makes this photo famous is also the astonishing shape of this small 463-metre-high mount that seems to emerge from the ocean, as well as the small Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall, which has settled a few hundred metres to the south. Thus, by finding the right angle, it is possible to capture Mount Kirkjufell with the small waterfall in the foreground. A wide-angle lens will be needed to capture the entire scene.

This is the main attraction of this site, because from another point of view, the view is much less idyllic. Mount Kirkjufell is located a few meters from the road, at the edge of the ocean. The waterfall is located on the other side of the road, a few hundred metres to the south. It is therefore not in the immediate vicinity. A path starts from the small parking lot on the side of Highway 54. It takes a few meters to reach the top of the waterfall. We then pass over the river on a small bridge to the other side of the river and enjoy the view.

Kirkjufellsfoss waterfalls

The site being famous, you probably won't be the only ones there. The challenge will then be to find the right position to capture the moment, but also to wait for the walkers to get out of the frame, before pressing the shutter release button. As you will have guessed, the path passes right in the middle of the stage. Don't be in a hurry!

If you pass close by in the summer, come to the sunset to enjoy a superb light.

Finally, know that Mount Kirkjufell is not a cone, contrary to what the shape we can guess from all the photos would suggest. It is actually a kind of ridge, because it is flattened on the sides. The famous view is taken from the front, but if you look at it from another angle, for example from the side, the shape is not the same at all. When you are approaching, you will know how to recognize it :)

Panorama of the Fjord, Mount Kirkjufell in the background
Mount Kirkjufell from the west of Grundarfjördur Fjord.

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