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Written by Sandrine Published on 26/08/16

Two waterfalls rushing into a sumptuous canyon, all in a magical setting! If you own a 4x4, you will be amazed to see the waterfalls of Háifoss and Granni, you will only be amazed once there!

1Háifoss and Granni, two enchanting waterfalls

When you arrive, Granni is the first one you see. The waterfall descends several tens of meters before bouncing off to rush into a wide canyon. A few meters further on, just behind a rocky point, the beautiful Háifoss, much more powerful, is revealed with 122 meters of fall, which makes it the third highest waterfall in Iceland.

Háifoss waterfall
Háifoss waterfall
Granni waterfall
Granni waterfall
Háifoss waterfall
Zoom on Háifoss

But what makes the charm of this place, it is also the decor that frames the 2 sisters. Yes, 2 sisters because they come from the same river, the Fossá, which separates higher up on the plateau. At the bottom of the canyon dug by the water, after the tumults of Háifoss, Fossá quietly continues its way, snaking in the middle of a chaotic desert covered with moss. What a surreal setting!

View of the river from the Háifoss and Granni waterfalls
The Fossá River flows in a surrealist setting

2Getting to the Háifoss and Granni waterfalls

To get there, you have to fork off to the F232 track (only for 4x4s), from Route 32. The spur is very badly indicated because the panels are in poor condition, and are not put in the right direction, so we missed it twice! Coming from the west, after following the lake of Bjarnalón, look for a track on the left, where the sign says "Laxargljufur".

PSign indicating the route to the waterfalls of Háifoss and Granni.
The sign to follow

If you cross the river, it's because you missed the fork.

Take the trail. At the junction, leave track F327 which leaves to the left in the direction of Stöng and Gjáin and continue to the right (I don't remember that there is an indication). The track then takes altitude and becomes more rocky in places, with a few rocky passages a little delicate, but without difficulty. Follow the high-voltage lines. After about 6 km, the track branches off to the right, where there is a small car park.

From there, a path leads towards the cliff and after a few tens of meters, you will see rocky promontories on your right. Go ahead, because it is from here that you will have the most beautiful views of the waterfalls. Once you arrive, all you have to do is admire!!

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Flo's review

Prefer late afternoon or evening, colors are sublimated and contrasts accentuated.

You will have the soul of a photographer, if not already the case, by finding yourself in front of this grandiose show, especially since the place is not very frequented and little known, for the moment!

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