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Written by Sandrine Published on 13/05/16

To discover the village of Gordes, you have to arrive from the D15 departmental road from the south. After a few bends the village reveals itself. It's beautiful! A lookout point is also set up to enjoy the view. The village seems to be hanging on the hill, with a succession of terraces nicely furnished and flowered with wild charm. It is from here that the view is most beautiful.

1Access to the village of Gordes

It is possible to reach the village by car, but to better appreciate the site and not have to pay for parking, we recommend that you park upstream and walk there. Please note that there are a few parking spaces available at the belvedere. Then you can walk to the village. Afterwards, we noticed that a small path leads directly from the belvedere, which is much more pleasant than following the D15. It is necessary to count approximately 600m of walk from the belvedere passing by the small road.

View of Gordes from the D15
View of Gordes from the D15

2Walk in Gordes

Once there, it is good to stroll in the cobbled alleys even if the village itself is less spectacular from the inside. It is a shame that private hotels and buildings do not allow access to the terraces. There is only a small part that is accessible but very pleasant. It can be accessed from various places, passing through small cobbled alleys. From there, the panoramic view of the Luberon plain is superb. Moreover, benches have been installed there to enjoy the view. We'd be here for hours!

The site remains quite touristic, but as the village is still quite large, it is less restrictive. Please note that accommodation rates are prohibitive in the sector. We'll have to move away to find affordable prices.

3A maze of dry stone walls

In the west of the village, don't hesitate to go to the village of bories, which has several dry stone huts. And speaking of dry stone, the roads around Gordes are lined with beautiful, imposing dry stone walls. We really enjoyed wandering through the alleyways west of the D15. But be careful because you can't run into each other in a car.

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