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Written by Flo Published on 20/06/16

"What? You've been to Los Angeles, you've been to a park, and it's not Disneyland?!””
Well, not this time anyway!
This time it will be Universal Studios.

A visit into the heart of cinema, in Burbank, the place of the seventh art, which concentrates the biggest Hollywood studios like Warner Bros, Walt Disney,... and thus Universal, which is at the same time a theme park. You'll have to count 105$ for an adult (we managed to get 95$ tickets by browsing a little bit on the net), it's expensive, but cinephile talk is worth it.

We went there on a Saturday, but the crowds for a month of May didn't seem huge (May 2014). If you manage well, there is a way to avoid waiting too long at the various attractions and shows. I'd say do everything! There are some for young and old, and even what can be like an attraction for the youngest, can bring back the older ones in childhood.

Show pirates - Universal Studios Hollywood
Water World, a moving show with stunts and explosions
Splash - Universal Studios Hollywood
Wet Arrival at Jurassic Park the ride

The shows are exceptional, you will find a staging of modern-day pirates breathtakingly breathtaking with real actors, or even the animals of the cinema trained to make pitres and entertain the public, great!

Here you will discover the other side of the Hollywood scenery

The attractions are of another level like the 4D cinema with the Transformers, wet with Jurassic Park... Special mention with the tour of the film sets in small train: Return to the Future (the main reason to want to make this park for me: o)), The World War, The teeth of the sea, Desperate housewives, etc... A must not miss!!

PThe famous town hall square in Back to the Future - Universal Studios Hollywood
The famous town hall square in Back to the Future
Crash airplane - Universal Studios Hollywood
Boeing 747 Crash in The War of the Worlds.

Don't miss a small building in front of "La Momie" and "Transformers", which contains treasures: Back to the Future once again in the spotlight with DeLorean number 1 out of the 3 used for the shooting, original props and storyboards, but also other accessories from other great films (Terminator...).

DeLorean - Universal Studios Hollywood
The famous DeLorean!!!
DeLorean - Universal Studios Hollywood
The DeLorean seen from behind

o you understand that I can only advise you to devote a day to Universal Studios, we deviate a little from the usual "nature" spirit of the site, but it is really worth the detour.

Here is a link to the park map that may be useful:Map of the park

Our opinion
Sandrine's review

Being not particularly cinephile, I was a bit apprehensive about this day at Universal Studios. On the contrary, I loved it!!! The park is simply awesome. The attractions are excellent and very well designed. Here, no roller coaster (in those days there was no Harry Potter neighborhood), because all the attractions are in 4D or almost, but the effects are great and the sensations are there, even if you don't really get off the ground. As a fan of thrills, I really enjoyed myself, not to mention the shows and surprises that come up during the visit of the studios.

In the end, we didn't have much to wait for, at most 25 minutes, which allowed us to do all the attractions and shows on a short day, enough to take its time!

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